Spirituality Made Simple (Part 3)

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So I’ve spoken about The Technology of Spirituality, and I’ve spent some time explaining The Spiritual Element of Inertia.

As mentioned, inertia is the element responsible for sleep.  On the flip side is the spiritual element of “stimulation”, which is responsible for giving you activity.  In Sanskrit, the term is rajas, which is associated with nervousness, aggression and being highly strung.

The ability to take action, walk and do anything is because you have stimulation, and so stimulation is necessary as well.

However, like inertia when stimulation goes out of control and there is too much of it, the affects accumulate.  Like inertia, there are various Excess Stimulation Levels (ESL’s):


ESL 1: Restless Body and Fidgety

We all know people who just can’t sit still, and they can’t stop touching things around them.

It’s these people who act like they’ve got ants in their pants, and they just can’t or won’t relax.

Again, infrequently it’s not harmful, but it’s when you’re consistently restless and you’re fidgety that it can be concerning.

If at someone is left in this situation for lengthy periods, this can lead to the next level:


ESL 2: Mind Bombarded with Thoughts

This has to be the absolute worst thing when your mind has a billion thoughts running through it, especially when you’re trying to sleep.

Sometimes, it really can get too loud in your head, and there’s only so much that you can consciously deal with.

Can you imagine having this happen on a daily basis?  When nothing is done about it, this excess of stimulation can lead to the next level:

ESL 3: Impatience, Indecisiveness and Inaction

When you’re in a position where you can’t make a decision,  it’s easy to lose patience and often get stuck and unable to act.

Now we all know people who just absolutely can’t or won’t make a decision because they don’t know what they want.  It’s like going out for dinner and spending hours trying to decide what you want to order… it’s bound to do anyone’s head in.

In the same way, we all are aware of people who have the patience of a child at Christmas… basically no patience… they’re not the most pleasant people to be around…

Again, it’s not the one of bouts of indecisiveness and impatience and inaction that we’re concerned about, but rather the consistent occurrence of this.

When you don’t deal with this, the excess stimulation can progress to the next level:


ESL 4: Irritability, Anger and Aggression

We reach more serious issues here with excess stimulation.  When someone is irritable, angry and aggressive they shouldn’t be ignoring this situation.  Anger is a common problem especially in Western society – but that doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable.

In fact The Anger Management Institute of Australia claims that up to 42% of workers reported incidences of yelling and other kinds of verbal abuse in their workplace…

Again, these aren’t stats to just shrug off – anger is a real problem that is caused by an excess of stimulation at the spiritual level.

Left untreated, this leads to the next level:


ESL 5: Violence

We’ve heard the horror stories of domestic violence, workers going “postal” and road rage.

Violence is an unacceptable social problem, and we see a lot of it in society today.  Again, just because we see a lot of it, doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable.

All this happens because it is too much stimulation at a spiritual level.

See, uncontrolled inertia leads to violence towards the self, and uncontrolled stimulation leads to violence towards others.

Now I have to explain, that your spiritual, physical, mental, emotional selves are all connected – a change at one level will affect the other levels, there’s no escaping it.  What you eat, will especially affect your emotional self, when you’re happy, you’re more productive – we see the connection in our daily lives, so this isn’t anything new.


My Experience With Stimulation

Stimulation starts of being pretty good, but like inertia, it’s a downwards spiral when it gets out of control.

At times in my life, I remember where I’ve woken up and like everyone else, I’ve grabbed a double shot flat white coffee to have in the morning with 2 sugars to limit the bitterness.  I think I’m healthy compared to some people I knew, the first thing they used to do upon waking was reach for a 2 litre bottle of coke because of their caffeine addiction.

After a vigorous work out, I’d make my way to work, where more likely than not I’d have a couple of cups of coffee with the work mates during a mid morning break.  By this time, I’m bouncing off walls.

I rush 3 hours worth of work into about 1 hour, because it’s all about urgency and speed, that’s what makes the money flow in.

After my 7 minute lunch break at my desk while checking my e-mails and putting a quick call in to my wife, I get back to work and power through the phone calls I need to make – 30 phone calls in an hour, not bad.  I take a break to check Facebook and grab myself a red bull, because it gives me wings.

It’s 6:30pm and obviously I want to get home to be with the wife and bub so I rush back getting home in record time because I tend to drive a little fast, throwing expletives at a few slow drivers who are slowing down my journey.

Finally I’m home, and after an argument with the wife over something minor that really didn’t matter, we sit down for a spicy curry dinner.  Then I sit down to watch TV while finishing more work on the laptop, all the time trying to figure out if we made our sales incentive target as a group, wondering if I’ve booked the special meal on our international flight, and thinking about the fact that some idiot who was speeding almost knocked me off the road.

Bed time comes and I toss and turn, trying to shut my mind off from the day.  Finally I get to sleep, but wake up a few times because something woke me up.  I wake up the next morning pretty irate that I didn’t get a restful sleep, and the day starts again… and everything starts again, and once more if I don’t catch myself, this will spiral downwards.


The Stimulation That I Do Like

Ok, so once you’ve got the giggles out of your system and the dirty thoughts out of your mind, let’s talk get back on track.

Think of the excitement you get when you’re watching an action movie, or even better when you’re on a roller coaster – that buzz, that excitement, or even the thrill of going diving or sky diving.  Think of the adrenaline rush, think of the quiver of excitement and the fact that you could just burst out into song.

That’s the type of stimulation that is normal for a human being, and it’s that fun type of stimulation that gives flavour to life.

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