Spirituality Made Simple (Part 4)

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I’ve spent some time talking about both stimulation and inertia, and how both are necessary but in proper quantities, and I’ve mentioned that when stimulation and inertia are balanced, you get “harmony”.  In Sanskrit, the term is sattva, which is associated with peace, purity, balance, awareness, tranquility and clarity.

Where the element of stimulation results in heat and activity and passion, and the element of inertia results in dullness, lethargy and ignorance, the element of harmony results in clarity, a physical freshness and a cool temperament.

Harmony is that feeling of peace, wellbeing.  It’s that feeling of stillness at sunrise, and that feeling of awe at sunset.  It’s the bliss of the forest, and tranquility of the mountains – and before I get all poetic on you, I think you realise what I mean.

Like the other spiritual elements, harmony also different levels which I call Increased Harmony Levels (IHL’s).  The benefits are many, but the more prominent ones are:

IHL 1: Focus is effortless and easy.

So there’s no distractions, you can make decisions quickly, you don’t have a billion thoughts bombarding your head – a clear head means less effort is spent on trying to  sort through your thoughts.

IHL 2: You feel light, centred and cheerful.

Say goodbye to anger, depression and other destructive habits – imagine if you were always light, centred and cheerful – how good would your life be…?

IHL 3: Your efforts show results quickly.

No more procrastination, in fact you find that the 80/20 rule kicks in – 80% of your results come from applying only 20% effort.  Working smarter not harder makes sense now!

IHL 4: You experience extreme success and extreme good luck.

Now this in itself is totally awesome.  Imagine that everything you do produces great results, and new opportunities are always showing up for you.  This is because you’re no longer bogged down in trying to deal with yourself, but the blinkers are off and you can see the opportunities around you – they always existed, you just weren’t seeing them.  The greater your level of harmony, the greater the level of success and good luck… sounds brilliant!

It’s worth noting that harmony has a snowball effect – it doesn’t happen over night, but rather little by little, and what happens is that life becomes really fun to live.

So according to the Hindu texts, the technology of spirituality is about balancing stimulation and inertia and increasing harmony.

In fact success and spirituality are connected.  If you look at Hindu symbolism, the male divinity Vishnu (represents wisdom, growth and spiritual living) and his wife Lakshmi (represents success, wealth and prosperity) are always together.  The meaning behind that symbolism is that spirituality and prosperity are connected, they are never separate and the pursuit of one in the absence of the other is not going to get you far.

Success doesn’t happen if you single mindedly pursue money and wealth – and by the same token spirituality isn’t about meditating while your furniture is being repossessed by the bank.

I think it’s safe to say that spirituality and success is about getting to realize your dreams while not getting stressed out (excess stimulation) and tired (excess inertia).

I’ve mentioned that meditation will help to balance your elements of stimulation and inertia – and once balanced, it will increase your levels of harmony.

Once you’ve started meditating, changes in lifestyle including diet, sleep the work you do, the people you hang out with, the attitudes you keep – will all help in increasing your levels of harmony.

When you’re in a state of harmony, the connection to universal knowledge is easier to make and maintain – and then, as I had experienced a while ago, the knowledge is there for you to tap into, and download at speeds faster than numbers would make sense…

That means you’ll have the knowledge to create your own success, and with your levels of harmony high, and your stimulation and inertia balanced – you’ll be able to go out and make it happen!

Does that mean you just sit down on the floor, close your eyes and start chanting “OM”?  Well no, but meditation does play a significant part.

Along with meditation, you need to ensure that all areas of your life are being geared towards supporting your increased levels of harmony, including:

  • food and nutrition
  • sleep – both quality and quantity
  • intake of information
  • physical and environmental cleanliness
  • social influences
  • exercise and physical activity
  • general values, beliefs and your mindset

My Experiences with Harmony

The presence of harmony in your life can be quite addictive, however it needs to be kept in check otherwise one may develop a false ego, and then either slip into becoming highly inert, or highly stimulated.

From my own experience, I’ve had them both happen, and it’s like taking a massive hit, a fall from grace.  One minute everything is going along so well, and the next – your world tumbles down around you.  It’s easy to slip, miss a meditation session and think you’ll catch up.  It’s easy to have a few drinks too many drinks over a weekend and develop a sense of apathy.  It’s easy to lose focus and become nervous about a few things that aren’t going right, which can lead to stress.

Living a life of harmony can be challenging, require discipline and it may seem like hard work – but it’s worth every bit of effort, and let me tell you why:

When my levels of harmony are high, it’s easy to get work done – in fact I don’t really see challenges as difficult – challenges are just something that I’m going to knock over, and I have no doubt I will.  I don’t get distracted, and keeping my mind on track is effortless.  Getting results is easy, and nothing I do seems like a drag.

Waking up in the morning is easy.  There’s no struggle to get out of bed – and the best thing is, that sleep comes easily and the nights are restful, even if I only sleep for a few hours.

Colours are more vivid, food tastes so much better, sounds are sharper, and everything I do has a positive outcome.

The most powerful result is that it seems that everything is stacked in my favour – it’s like I’m on this winning streak in life – opportunities and events all tend to be working to help me get what I want.  Money is flowing in, my health is at an optimal, the love for my wife and daughter is that much more powerful – people around me wonder why I’m so happy, and every day for me, is like living life in the “zone”… you know, that “zone” where you’re totally focused, there’s never any struggle to get what you want.

All of this comes about from practicing meditation daily.  It will happen – It always does.  Maybe not immediately, but it will come to you sooner than you may expect.


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