Energetics Unveiled: Learn What Over 75% of People Will Never Know (Part 1)

Energy is the basis for everything.  The ancients knew it – quantum physicists know it.  It goes by many names – energy, prana, chi, ki, mana… every spiritual and religious tradition around the world has a name for it.

It’s important to understand that energy is what at the basis of everything.  For a long time, scientists told us that the atom was the building block of matter – and then sub-atomic particles were discovered.  At the heart of every atom and sub-atomic particle, is energy.

All this energy vibrates at different frequencies, which results in different atoms, which then creates the matter from which everything is created.

But at the source of all of this, is energy.

One of our core human needs is to be able to increase our own levels of energy, and we all do this in various ways – and if you think I’m going to say that the best way to increase our levels of energy is through meditation, then you’re absolutely correct.

Before my study into intuitive psychic work I had done some pretty basic meditation which was more for relaxation and stress relief.  At that time my understanding was that meditation was a form of silent prayer, which I’ve since come to know is actually incorrect.  In fact prayer and meditation are very different.

When I started meditation, I initially did it to increase my psychic faculties and I blurred the lines between what is spiritual and what is psychic.  What I was actually doing was spiritual work, with the thought that I was doing psychic work.

There is actually a difference, and not many people can actually articulate what the difference is, so I’m going to give you my understanding on what the differences are, and it’s to do with energetics.

Check out the diagram that I drew below – I call this the Energetic Matrix:

Energetic Matrix by Nikhil Rughani

As you can see, the vertical axis of the matrix covers the experiential side of energetics to the interactive side of energetics.  The horizontal side of the axis covers the structured form of the energetics to the free-flowing explorative form of energetics.  The four segments are religion, spirituality, psychic intuition and high magic, which are basically the four variations of energetic expressions.


What do I do with the Energy?

The vertical axis deals with what you do with energy – essentially either experience it or interact with it.

The upper part of this axis is about experience.  Essentially this is where energy is experienced, or an experience is sought.  It’s also the first tier to working with energy in it’s two major forms – religion and spirituality.  Many human beings have no desire to move beyond this surface level.

The lower part of this axis is about interaction.  This is where people are able to do more than just experience the energies, but are able to use start influencing the energies.  This is the side of the axis where many people fear to go because they don’t know it, don’t understand it or don’t believe in it.


How can I use the Energy?

The horizontal axis deals with how you use the energy.  Either in a set structure, or basically the way you want to.

The left side of this axis is about structure.  This is the form of energy which expressed in rituals, prayers, prescribed actions and formulae.  Both religion and high magic are highly structured – as there are certain rules that must be followed to reap the best benefits.  There is a high level of intensity here because the rules prescribe how best to live your life in the case of religion, and the permissible boundaries in which to operate, in the case of high magic.  The structure is there for ecological reasons: to protect the individual, to protect the society, and to protect the world at large.

The right side of the axis is about flow.  The expression of energy is much less structured and is more geared towards exploring and letting the energy literally flow, and for you as the individual to move with that flow.  There’s less instruction and more exploration.  There’s no hard and fast rule, just find out what works for you and then keep going with it.  The level of intensity here is much lower, and the energies here work best if the individual is permissive – you literally just “go with the flow”


One Topic That Shouldn’t Be Discussed – So I Will Anyway

Most people in the world acknowledge universal energy in some way or another, and it’s usually through religion .  By religion, I include all major traditions, and the wider beliefs in divinity or a universal force.  The acknowledgement of this universal energy or God, and forming lifestyle according to it’s will is the basics of religion.

Over 75% of people practice religion of some sort, whether it be a major religious tradition or one of the smaller folk traditions, the energy is received by meditation and prayer, and following a good lifestyle.

On the Energetic Matrix, religion is the intersection of Structure and Experiential – this is because religious people keep on their path because of their experience, and keep striving for more religious experiences, within the structure of their religious belief.


Not Just New Age Hippy Stuff

For many people, religion and spirituality are one, but the truth be told, is that they actually are separate.  Religious people can be spiritual, but the practices are different, but as with all energetic expressions, they can be related.

If you look at the Energetic Matrix, spirituality is about flow, but still experiential.  People will often explore a number of spiritual practices, and even develop their own, to connect frequently with the universal energy.  Meditation plays a crucial part in spiritual living, because it is through meditation that the connection with the universal energy is made, and this universal energy will actually flow through the individual person.

As I mentioned, most people blur the lines between spirituality and religion, but the big differentiator here is that there is no binding to any prescribed practices – what you do, and what works for you, is purely as a result of your desire to learn more, explore and to increase your levels of energy by your own means.  You will not always want to follow the religious practices because you feel you may have “out grown” them, but you have the opportunity to do so as well.


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