Energetics Unveiled: Learn What Over 75% of People Will Never Know (Part 2)

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So in Part 1 I explained how energy is the basics of everything, and how both religion and spirituality work.

In this part, I’m going to be covering the subjects of psychic development, intuition and high magic, and the relationship with energy.

As a bit of a bonus, I’ll discuss a bit about science and it’s modern workings with energy.

Straight up, let me tell you that the topics of psychic development and especially high magic will challenge the majority of people.  I suggest that you keep an open mind and take this something educational.  It’s then your choice what you do with this information, and whatever choice you make, I’m totally happy with your choice.

I Know What You’re Thinking…

The term “psychic” has been heavily glamourised and it has in many ways lost it’s meaning.  This is why I have paired it with the word “intuition” – because it means the same thing.  Yes, if you work on developing your intuition, it will make you psychic.

I mentioned earlier how I merged being psychic with being spiritual, and how there is a difference.  Where being spiritual is about experiencing the flow of energy and free form exploration to do that which will help you increase your energy levels, being psychic is about tapping into the flow of energy and look at where it has come from, where it is currently and where it is going.  You’re now interacting with this energy and there are no hard and fast ways of developing yourself psychically, there is no structure or precise method – except for meditation.  Through meditation, you can open up and sharpen your own psychic senses, and observe the energy by tapping directly into it’s flowing stream.

Psychics who perform readings are doing just that – tapping into another individual’s energy source, looking at where it has come from, where it is currently, and where it is going next.  Professional readers will also understand the value of meditation in opening themselves up to the energies of of people, events, and places, as well as the wider energy of the universe in general.

Some people will use tools like the tarot, astrology, numerology and many other tools to help them in translating their psychic experience, but the truth is, these are to help you focus your intuition, they don’t do the job for you.

Again, you can be spiritual as well as psychic, but understand the difference between the two.

“Expecto Patronum!”

OK, Harry Potter dreams aside, high magic is real, and there are people out there who practice it.

Of all the expressions of energy, high magic is the one which challenges the beliefs of the vast majority of people, and it’s predominantly due to fear and ignorance.

I’ve openly discussed energy and the experiences and interactions with it.  I’ve also explained how everything in the universe is made of energy – it is the foundation of all existence.

Now imagine if you will, if you could actually reach out and start shaping energy.  Imagine that you were able to control the very fabric of reality, the building blocks of existence.  That is what high magic is about.

No, I’m not mad.

There are people out there who do this, there are cultures that practice high magic, and for obvious reasons of safety and security, this isn’t widely publicised.

The practice of high magic requires structure and methodology, but within the structure there is room for creativity – however you wouldn’t put this at the “flow” end of the matrix because this is highly structured, and this is a good thing.  Imagine the mess that would be created if someone had no idea what they were doing with high magic?

Now the term “High Magic” has it’s root in the Hermetic tradition, however there are many names for it, like Tantra from the Indian traditions, or Huna from the Hawaiian tradition.

Again, meditation plays an important part for practitioners of high magic.  There is a need to clear the mind, and create a laser sharp focus.  After all, shaping reality is some serious stuff you’re working with!

Does Science Have The Answer?

Some people would classify modern science as a means to give high magic access to everyone.

Look at the wonders of modern technology: you press this switch and a light goes on, punch this sequence of numbers and speak into the phone, and all of a sudden you can have conversations over long distance – these processes are explained by simple principles of mechanics and engineering and electronics.

On a slightly different note, modern medicine is also quite a wonder.  Take a pill, drink a syrup, and all of a sudden you feel better.  Now I’m not a big fan of allopathic medicine, but it does have it’s place, and it did take us out of an age of epidemics – all of these are medical interventions are explained through biology and chemistry.

Look at the influential power of the media, which in itself is a science.  Advertising, the ability to influence decisions and embed thoughts and ideas in another’s mind is all explained through consumer psychology and linguistics.

The power of money is another one – we’ve all heard that money is energy – at the really high end, it takes a handshake, a smile and a nod, and all of a sudden, companies become bankrupt, nations become prosperous, lives are changed – just like the GFC or economic booms.  All of this is explained by economics and political science.

We can explain all of this through our understanding of science, finance, engineering and communications – but let me ask this question to you – what is science, really?  Isn’t it about the manipulation of energies to produce a specific outcome?  Quantum physics does a brilliant job at explaining this – it bridges the gap between our modern lives and energetics in a powerful way.

There are however, some things that as yet, science hasn’t been able to explain.  Even scientists who study these phenomena can’t put things down to a precise formula or condition, and more often than not, they are regarded as anomalies.

So Where Does This Take Us?

What’s interesting to note, is that most people are aware that there is more to their lives than just what they currently know.  In today’s world, there is a growing awareness of something beyond just the physical self.  People are exploring their own mental abilities to a greater depth.  They’re exploring phenomena like “the law of attraction” and energetics much further too.  More people in the developed world are starting to use natural therapies like reiki, accupuncture, magnet therapy – all of which work with energy.

We’re in an interesting space in the world right now, where human beings are not evolving physically, but energetically – and with all this energy around us, many will start looking at ways that they can tap into it.


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