My Weekly Tarot Reading

One of my favourite tools for both reflection and conducting psychic readings is the tarot.  What I’m looking to do is to conduct a weekly reading for myself, which will give me a focal point for my own meditations.

When I read for myself, I believe that I’m giving an opportunity for my spiritual guides to connect with me.  This isn’t a predicative reading where I’m looking to see what’s happening out in the future, but rather a explorative reading to look at what I need to do for myself this week.

My question, which is pretty usual was: “what 3 things do I need to guide me this week

So let’s check out the cards I drew:

Reading the cards from right to left, I have drawn are: the 10 of Pentacles, the 3 of Wands and The Devil – Reversed.  Let’s have a look at how this can guide me for the week ahead.

1. Be Proactive in Creating Your Financial Stability

The 10 of Pentacles represents financial stability and prosperity.

This is apt for me, as I’ve got some money due to me this week, and I need to be on top of it, and make sure I put it in the right place!  So this is a reminder for me to make sure that my invoices are sent, bills are taken care of, and that my money is handled properly.  After all, like most people, financial stability is an important factor for me.


2. Prepare Yourself for Your Travels

The 3 of Wands suggests travel and travel plans developing.  This is brilliant, because this time next week I’ll be off overseas, in India to celebrate my sister’s wedding.

It’s also a strong reminder that I should complete my packing, and make sure that all my essential travel needs are met, and not to leave it to the last minute!


3. Look for Alternatives, Not Indulgence

This is interesting, The Devil Reversed suggests that I look for alternatives to my limitations or self-imposed restrictions.

At this point I’m not able to place my finger on how exactly this applies to my life, but the important thing for me is to ensure that I keep this in mind when I’m frustrated and feeling restricted.


What Does That Mean?

Let’s have a look at the big picture here.

If this was someone else I was reading for, here’s the advice I would give them:

Put yourself in a financial position so you have no worries, prepare yourself for some upcoming travel and start thinking creatively and don’t give into the temptations or indulge yourself.  Do what’s important and necessary, and if you’re having difficulty, start looking for alternatives but keep on track, keep an open mind and take into consideration the options that are available to you.

Overall, I think that this particular reading is telling me to be plan and prepare properly, and stay focussed.

On a practical point of view, that makes a lot of sense.  I have to be able to get out of “last minute” mode and make life a little less stressful for me!


What’s Next for Me?

So the focus of my meditations is on The Devil Reversed.  The Devil, being a part of the Major Arcana is a highly spiritually charged card.  This means that the alternatives and options I need to consider are more than just physical, but have their roots on the spiritual level.

The reason why I picked The Devil as a card to meditate upon, is for a few reasons:

  1. The other two cards are fairly physical, and tend to deal with the more pragmatic things.  The Devil, being spiritual, is more abstract.
  2. It’s the card which came out reversed, which means that I have something to learn a lesson incomplete, which I can usually find in the card before it, which is Temperance.
  3. Intuitively, it stuck out.  I can’t say much more than that, except that it sticks out to me like a sore thumb, so it’s worthy of my attention.


Curious Observations

The pentacle is a sign of the material world – health, wealth, material belongings, and represents the classical element of easth.  In this reading, both the 10 of Pentacles as well as The Devil have pentacles present.  Astrologically, The Devil is representative of the sign of Capricorn – a power sign in the zodiac, and a symbol of financial independence.

In this reading, it could mean that I need to be conscious of my finances.

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