The Cool and Uncool of Having Psychic Superpowers

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When I initially started developing my psychic skills, I was pretty excited about what I could do, and what I would be able to do with my own development.

Now, I had read books, and I had a mentor as well, so anyone would think that I had no reason to make mistakes, and that I would zoom to the top and be quite a psychic superstar.

Now you could guess that I did make mistakes and didn’t go straight to the top of the class either. It’s important that with everything you’re learning you give yourself room to make mistakes and sometimes to plateau. It’s natural, and had I realised that and not just intellectually acknowledge that when I first commenced, it would have made quite a difference.

But you know, I did actually learn a lot, and experienced a lot too.

Here’s my list of the cool and uncool that come with being highly intuitive.


It’s Not What You Say

One of the biggest things that I learnt was not what to say, but how to deliver what I wanted to say. Like most areas of life, communication is actually one of the most important aspects of conducting psychic readings.

I learnt from the people I did readings for very quickly, that not everyone appreciate the way I naturally delivered the information I had obtained.

So as a tarot reader, I had to quickly identify people with the suite they identified with the most. A person who identified with cups, would be the quite and sensitive types. The pentacles would be the pragmatists, the wands would be direct and loud, and the swords would be talkative and quite scatter-brained – and I would need to match their styles, as that would be the best way that they would receive information.

But it didn’t just apply with tarot reading. In numerology there would be a need to identify the client’s master number, and match that style. In astrology you would need to know the person’s ascendant and the location of mercury – and again, match that style. The same would happen with rune casting, palmistry, and any other tool that you use for conducting readings.

OK, so I knew that, and I attempted to use it. Often I was successful, however… as a budding psychic where my excitement got the better of me, I was sometimes careless in my delivery – and what I know I felt was correct, but it didn’t land well because I was speaking in my language, not their language.

Sometimes I saw what I thought was “bad news” and my natural tendency was to soften the impact and be gentle in my delivery because I didn’t want to scare the client – which would have worked for some of the more emotional people, but not everyone. The fiery people would have wanted me to cut the crap and be direct – the pragmatists would be fine without cuddles and just want the facts, none of this emotional stuff – the thinkers would have wanted the logic and reason.


OK, Sometimes It Is What You Say

You may remember that famous phrase from the Spiderman movie: “with great power, comes great responsibility” – as cliche as it sounds, it applies heavily to anyone who is developing psychically.

This may seem to be common sense, but I think it’s worth exploring this further.

Being psychic is not something that turns off when you stop reading – it’s on 24/7 – it’s a part of your life.

There have been times where I’ve been in conversation and have bought up topics with my friends and acquaintances from their personal life, but they haven’t directly told me… and you can imagine how awkward it can be trying to explain yourself.

On many occasions I’ve had friends ask me if I’m doing my “psychic thing” on them, and honestly I’m not. Well, not intentionally… however my intuition is quite strong and what seems like a natural observation to me, is not natural for everyone else, so it’s important to know your boundaries.

What I’m saying is that you have to be extra careful about what you say, not just at a reading, but away from the reading as well. Be conscious of what you’re saying.

Even at the reading, be conscious – don’t just blurt out the first impression you receive, because while what you may see is correct, your interpretation may be wrong.  You don’t want to be responsible for the giving wrong guidance.


They’re Always Right

I’m talking about your spirit guides here.  Your intuition is essentially communication from your spiritual guides.  It’s worth listening to what they tell you, because they’re always right.

I know this because when I’ve followed their guidance, I get some awesome results.  Take my marriage for example, when Shreeti and I first met, my guides confirmed that would have a future with each other.  A year later, we married and we also have a young daughter.   We’ve also grown to become inseparable and are very much intwined with each other’s futures.

When I haven’t listened, and I think I’m right – my pursuits have never worked out.  My guides have warned me to not pursue some goals or avoid certain people and certain situations, and I’ve gone against their advice and done it anyway.  Then I wonder why things aren’t working out.

Now your guides are here to guide you, not do things for you.  You still have the free will to act or not act, but since they’re here to help, you might as well listen to them and take their advice.

It’s also not worth getting upset at them – they’ve got your interests at heart, and their progression is also dependant upon your progression – it’s a relationship of mutual gain.

Now, I have been told that lotto numbers don’t work, so it’s not worth asking them about that.  I haven’t tried myself to be honest, but if someone manages to find a way to get the lotto numbers out of their guides, please let me know!


Always Have Protection

Yes, it sounds like an ad for safe sex, and I intentionally wrote it that way, because the principle is the same.  It is very easy to be infected by negativity, and it’s easy to have your energy drained.

Both intentionally and unintentionally, there are people who will literally drain your strength and be too hard to deal with, and by the same means, there are people who will both intentionally and unintentionally infect you with their negative energy by dumping it up on you.

There is a third point here as well – and that is that you may unintentionally take people’s energy from them – both the positive and negative ones.  The protection you practice will be for the benefit of both parties.

In my early days of practicing, I was very careless on this front and frequently left myself unprotected.  The result was that I would absorb a lot of emotions of my clients, friends, family members and anyone else that I would do readings for.

The consequences were not pleasant.  Physically and emotionally I felt a lot of pain as the other person’s problems would manifest themselves in me.  Their issues and concerns gave a “taint” to their energy, and my carelessness resulted in me taking on their “issues”.


The Moral of the Story

One of the biggest lessons I learnt is: “this is not just about you”.  There are always other people involved and as a best practice, one should be very conscious of their actions, thoughts and words.

Being mindful of what you say and do is important – it’s is a conscious choice that you need to make, and stick to.  I’d encourage everyone to do the right thing, not necessarily the cool thing.

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