My Weekly Tarot Reading

OK, so after two weeks away in India, I have decided that I’d get back into my writing with my weekly scheduled tarot reading.

I didn’t have anything specific in mind, so I went with my usual question: “what 3 things do I need to guide me this week?”

The cards I pulled were as follows:












So from left to right, the cards I drew are: The Magician – Reversed, 4 of Pentacles and King of Pentacles – Reversed.

My first impression was that I was not 100% impressed with the cards I drew – two reversed cards major cards…

But ok, this isn’t a predicative reading, it’s a reading for self-discovery.  Still, it’s worth noting my initial reaction, so let’s see what these cards really mean.

1. Focus your energies and use the tools you have wisely

The Magician represents the ability to take action – it represents taking your ideas and making them happen.  Reversed, it shows that there are a lot of ideas, but no grounding.  The tools are not being used wisely, or really are not being used at all.

It can also show that there are more ideas but they’re overwhelming, and that I could be stuck in “analysis paralysis”.  It’s also a call to go back to what I know, and trust myself.  Trust my intuition, and act based on faith.

Being a card of the Major Arcana, it also applies to the spiritual and esoteric side of life, and it seems to be a message that I should trust myself that I am on my path, and keep to it.

It is also the card with the number 1 in the Major Arcana – the 1 cards in the tarot symbolise new beginnings, however this tells me that I’m not ready to start something new.

This is interesting, as for the past few days I’ve been toying with taking on more projects, which would result in my focus being diluted and spread thin.


2. Monitor your finances, and keep them close to you

The 4 of Pentacles is a card about financial consolidation and stability.

This is a good reminder to keep financially focussed.  There are a few things that I need to sort out, regarding my financial goals, which will take a little extra effort.  Bank accounts, buying and selling cars and paying off loans are all points that I need to address, and put to bed.

It’s a good card for being practical and also making sure that I’m not throwing money around!  It actually represents being financially conservative – wise, not wasteful.


3. Don’t be controlled by your money

The King of Pentacles is literally the master of his material world, in particular his money.  He is financially successful, and enjoys the lavishness and luxurious life that can come with great wealth.

Reversed, it represents a person who is slave to his money, someone who suffers from greed, avarice and while they may have great wealth, they’re controlled by it, and are unable to discipline themselves in using money wisely.  This card also represents the person who is financially wealthy but is living in the fear that the wealth and luxury could be lost – and so in reality is quite insecure.


What does that mean?

Let’s have a look at the big picture and see what this means to me, if I was reading this for someone other than myself:

You’re not ready to start on the ideas in your mind.  Keep doing what you enjoy, and manage your finances.  Don’t look at what you may not have or what you may lose, because that is what will get you to keep thinking of new ideas.  Stop looking for greener grass elsewhere, just water your own lawn.

So overall, this is a time to stick with what I know, and not launch into a new project.  It’s also a good affirmation for me that I need to stop looking elsewhere for what I need, and focus on building what I already have.


So what’s next for me?

I was intuitively attracted to the Magician reversed and the King of Pentacles reversed.

They clearly address my current situation and thoughts of starting a new project – so the lesson of these two cards is not to be enslaved to my finances and not to be enslaved to my ideas – but rather to be practical about both of them.

The Magician reversed tells me that I need to learn the lessons of the Fool – trust yourself, be free and childlike.


Curious observations

The King of Pentacles and the 4 of Pentacles have similar traits and meanings – to have both of these in this readings tells me that I need to be mindful of consolidating my finances, but be careful of being enslaved by them.

The King being a significant card holds greater weight so I would have to be more conscious of not succumbing to the King of Pentacles reversed.

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