Spirituality Made Simple (Part 1)

It’s been well documented that through meditation you can obtain information easily.  In my personal experience, it’s like having information downloaded into your mind – you can’t explain how you got that knowledge and information, you just have it…

Hindu science claims that the basis of all science is spirituality.  I refer to the Hindu tradition because it’s no secret that the ancient Hindu’s were quite an advanced civilization with their advances in astronomy, geography, metallurgy, cryptology, mathematics, and naval engineering.

There have been a number of articles illustrating these advances which I won’t go into right now, however Google will provide links to various sources which describe these advances.

The point is that the ancient Hindu’s had immense scientific and mathematical knowledge and had advanced well before any civilization of its time.

The question is how did they attain it?  By meditation?  Is meditation really that powerful?

The Hindu scientists were actually spiritual sages – and they practiced pranayama (special breathing exercises), meditation and yoga.  See, when you have trained your mind through these means, and you have done so for a number of years, then you are no longer limited to the physical constraints your body and the world.

In fact Hindu texts talk about what could be best called the technology of spirituality, so let me explain that.

There is a spiritual element that is called “inertia” – it is one of the three spiritual elements of nature according to Hindu texts.  Inertia is good because it brings you sleep.  A person with no inertia cannot sleep so a little bit of inertia is good.

On the other side is “stimulation” – it gives you activity.

The ability to act and do anything is because you have stimulation, and so stimulation is necessary as well.

When stimulation and inertia are balanced, you get “harmony”.

Harmony is purity, beauty, peace, joy and enthusiasm.  When you are inspired, how do you feel?  That “feeling” is harmony.

So according to the Hindu texts,  the technology of spirituality is about balancing stimulation and inertia and increasing harmony.

So how do you balance your inertia and stimulation, and at the same time increase levels of harmony?

It starts with meditation.  Quietening your mind, relaxing your body, and opening yourself spiritually connect with the universal source of harmony… and while this sounds totally new-age peace-loving hippy stuff, I’m talking about something at a deeper level than that.  This is about doing what the sages of the ancient Hindu civilization did – gaining mental discipline, and accessing information directly from the universe.

Meditation will help to balance your elements of stimulation and inertia – and once balanced, it will increase your levels of harmony.

It’s almost a no brainer, and anyone who has knowledge of any spiritual tradition will tell you that meditation is necessary to spiritual development – however most people would not be able to articulate the reason why in this way.


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