A Look Into The Future: What 2012 Has In Store

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So I’ve taken a bit of a leave of absence with the end of 2011 approaching quickly, and my work and family commitments increasing.  However I haven’t forgotten about writing articles, and have gone into planning mode, and have been looking at what interesting posts I can write for 2012.

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Regular Features

Meditation Journal

This will be a bit about what I’m exploring, what I’m achieving and some of the highs and lows that I’m coming across, and how this is panning out in my life – almost like a meditation reality show about me!

Guided Meditations

During my explorations, I’ll be discovering new forms of meditation, and I’ll be looking to share them with everyone, by recording guided meditations in audio format, that you’ll be able to download onto your MP3 player, as well as stream directly from your computer.


There are some great people that I want to pick the minds of, that have a lot to share and give to this blog, and I’m sure that what they have to say will be really useful to everyone else.


In my own journey, there’ll be products and services that I may need to use, and so I’ll be giving a pretty honest review which may help you in making your own decisions as well.

Publishing Schedule

Every month, I’m going to be writing with a theme in mind.  This will give everyone a chance to see what’s ahead and if there’s anything in particular that you’d like me to write about, it will give me enough time to do some research as well.  So here’s what I’ve got planned for the next 12 months:

January – Getting Started With Meditation

In January I’ll be writing about how I got started and also about how best others can get started with meditation.  I will take a behind the scenes look at what happens in meditation in terms of techniques and look at some of the biggest challenges that I’ve faced in meditating, and also how I’ve been working to overcome these challenges.

February – Hypnosis and The Unconscious Mind

The unconscious mind is an important component for both meditation and hypnosis – many people feel that there is no difference between hypnosis and meditation, so in February, I will explore the connection between hypnosis and meditation, as well as exploring the depths of the unconscious mind.

March – Other Means to Access The Unconscious Mind

Meditation is one of the easiest ways to access the unconscious mind, however a number of techniques based on hypnosis have been developed that give powerful access to the unconscious mind.  I’ll be covering modalities like NLP and Time Line Therapy (R) and some interesting scientific and esoteric ideas that have revealed some amazing insights to the unconscious mind and the mind-body connection.

April – Healing Through Meditation

This month’s articles will see us returning to the power of meditation in providing healing, both physical and emotional.  I’ll be looking to cover concepts like Reiki, and Theta Healing as well as some other energetic modalities which either require the healer or the client to enter into a meditative state.

May – Spiritual Growth

Meditation is a core practice for spiritual growth, and I’ll be covering a number of areas on spiritual growth, from the role of prayer, the necessity of forgiveness, as well as some optimal lifestyle changes to maximise one’s spiritual growth.  I’ll be exploring spirit guides, as well as my energetic field, and will have some great meditations around spiritual growth.

June – Using Your Body In Meditation

I’m going to cover some great topics here, ranging from breathing techniques like Qi Gong, Ha Breathing and Pranayama, and also the effectiveness of postures and movements through yoga and tai chi, and I’ll also look at mudras – hand postures that stimulate pressure points, that provide instant access to different areas of the unconscious mind.

July – Law of Attraction

I know that there is a lot going around on the Law of Attraction, so this month we’ll have a look at the roots of the Law, the complementary laws that work along with it, and some meditations that can help strengthen each step of the manifesting process.  I’ll also be heavily journalling here, so you can see the results of my experimentation.

August – Chakras

There is a lot of information as well as misinformation about chakras – and these energetic centres are fundamental to those who want to engage in higher levels of meditation, healing, spiritual growth and psychic development.  This month will be an exploration into the seven mystical centres that are responsible for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth.

September – Protection

This is probably an apt time to talk about protection, especially for anyone who is practicing or planning on practicing higher forms of meditation for spiritual growth, healing or psychic work.  I’ll be looking at the fundamentals of protection, as well as the deeper science of energy and chords, and a look into how best to protect and cleanse both yourself and your environment.

October – Psychic Development

This month is going to be exciting for both budding and experienced psychics.  I’ll be exploring at ways to increase your psychic acuity through games and exercises, and understanding your psychic senses, as well as exploring some of my favourite tools like the tarot.  I’ll even give a step-by-step approach on how best to conduct a psychic reading.

November – Meditating Cultures

I think that it would be worth looking at meditation techniques from different cultures around the world, to do a comparison of their styles and methods.  I’m looking at covering the mysterious Zen, the open-eyed method of the Brahma Kumaris, the Taoist method and the unusual Haklau method from Hawai’ian Huna.

December – Cool Stuff

I think that this is a good way to end the year, by looking at some cool results that can be accomplished using meditation, including astral travel, rapid learning and also meditation for the purpose of synchronising couples using the tantric method.  I’ll also look here at a technique that allows learning through your doppelgangers, and through parallel universes… nuff said!


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