New Year Tarot Reading – Karma Reading + Focus Reading

So it’s New Years Day, 2012 – I think it would be a good idea to plan for the year ahead :-)

Part of my planning is to observe and reflect upon where I am, and then look at guidance for what I need to focus on.  Of course, being a fan of the tarot, I’ve used that as a tool to help me out.

This reading is a little different, in that I’m actually conducting two readings with two different spreads.

The first one is a personal favourite – it was taught to me by a mentor, and he called it the “Karma Reading”.  It is based around the 7 of Cups, and needs to be done by removing the Major Arcana – which if used in this reading tend to make it a very intense reading.

I followed this through with a 3 Card Cut, seeking guidance on what I needed to focus on for the next 12 months.

So let me share with you what I came found.

My Karma Reading

At the centre of the spread is the 7 of Cups – which is there as a reference card:

I then drew 7 cards, to correspond to the 7 cups in the above card.  Here’s what I got:

The Face: – 2 of Pentacles – Reversed

The face represents the way I present myself to the world.

The 2 of Pentacles is about making a financial decision.

As it is reversed, this card tells me that I’m not ready to make a major financial decision, rather I need to go back and look at the project that I want to pursue as a priority, and take it from basics.

In combination, it says that to the world, I present myself as someone who has the money but is not ready to spend it.  The way I present myself is someone who is not prepared to make a major financial decision, yet, as my financial goals need to be clearly determined.

This is interesting at this point in time.  I’ve been toying with the idea of buying a property but my heart has not been fully in it.

I feel that there are bigger priorities that I need to address first – namely my daughter’s education and consistent cashflow.  More recently, our health and our lifestyle needs have started becoming a priority, and that’s where I need to focus on first.

The Castle: 7 of Swords

The castle is representative of the home and the energies in the home environment.

The 7 of Swords is a card that tells me I need to think of a way to get what’s important.  This isn’t about action, but rather about strategy and lateral thinking.  It can also mean secrecy, and being careful about revealing information.  The card shows a military camp, and the person is actually taking away the weapons of his enemy – and if the enemy can’t fight, then he’s won the war.  In the same way, I need to think strategically and creatively to get what I want.

In combination, I need to think of creative ways in which I can make the energies in my home environment more suitable to what I want.

This is interesting, as we’ve got a very full house at the moment, and a situation which doesn’t make it entirely comfortable for everyone, because we’re constantly in each other’s way.

At this point in time, I can’t think of anything specific, but it makes sense that I start looking thinking laterally, creatively and strategically to get the results that I want so that we have a happy home.

The Jewels: Ace of Pentacles – Reversed

The jewels show my ability to attract financial wealth and material possessions.

The Ace of Pentacles tells me that I’m ready to start a new project, most likely to be a financial one.

Reversed, the Ace of Pentacles indicates that I’m not ready to start a new financial project, and that I need to learn to be happy with my current level of achievement, and truly enjoy, appreciate and celebrate the good fortune I have.  It’s time to enjoy the fruits of my hard work.

The combination is pretty interesting.  Right now, it’s not the time for me to start something new and attract new wealth, because I haven’t fully immersed myself and appreciated what I have already.

I set myself some goals, and now I’ve achieved them, I need to appreciate them, take time out to enjoy them, and reward myself for all of my hard work and effort, otherwise I’ll burn out and never be happy.  Also, the danger here, is that if I start a new project, I may end up losing what I’ve worked hard for, because I’m unable to manage it.

The Laurel Wreath: 6 of Pentacles

The laurel wreath represents personal power.

The 6 of Pentacles represents financial security, balance and generosity.

In combination, it is promising, as it shows that my personal power is derived from my own financial security and my ability to keep things balanced.  While I can gain, I also freely give.

This is affirmation for me of who I am and what I am able to do.  I guess I already knew this, but it’s always good to receive confirmation that I’m on the right track.

I’ve always been someone who has kept things in perspective – I’ve always wanted to keep the balance.  Earning money, for money’s sake is not really who I am, there’s always a purpose behind everything that I do.

I know that one of my traits is that I’m generous – in fact I tend to me very giving of my time, money and ideas, often to the surprise of my family and friends.

Not much more for me to say here, except I’ll keep going with where I am on this one!

The Demon: Queen of Cups – Reversed

The demon represents the unconscious mind, the deeper thoughts and ideas, a glimpse at what really is below the surface.  This can often surface in dreams, and it’s called the demon, because it’s really about coming to grips with what is really going on inside, although it doesn’t always have to be a bad thing – but it is about “facing your demons”.

The Queen of Cups is pure emotion, and she represents putting emotions first.  She’s introspective and needs to look within herself and follow her heart.

Reversed, it shows that the inner self is not being listened to, and as a result there may be pain, sadness and hurt that isn’t being communicated.

In combination, it shows that I’m not listening to myself, and not following what it is that gives me happiness, joy and peace.

There is something that I’m not doing, or addressing that is keeping me this way, and I need to do some soul searching and look at why I may not be getting the fulfilment that I’m seeking.

This is definitely a bit of a wake up call, and definitely something worth me reflecting upon further.

The Serpent: 9 of Cups – Reversed

The serpent represents sexuality and creativity – which in essence are the same thing.

The 9 of Cups is about reflecting on your emotions.  It shows someone who is satisfied with themselves and their achievements.

Reversed, it indicates that that I haven’t found what I’m looking for, that will give me the satisfaction I seek, and so I need to go and find it.

In combination, I’m going to guess that it means my creativity and sexuality is suppressed because I haven’t found what what I need to express myself fully, and therefore I’m not 100% happy with what I have.

Creativity is at the core of who I am, and so this is quite significant for me.

Sexuality and creativity being of the same essence, this is probably affecting me at a deep emotional level, and so again, a lot of soul searching is going to be necessary.

The search may be external, but the answers will come from within, so I better get started!


The Veil: 10 of Wands – Reversed

The veil represents our true spiritual selves.

The 10 of Wands shows a person who is getting things completed but has taken on more than what they should.

Reversed it means I need to stand back and assess my experiences, passions and pains.

In combination, this is quite interesting.  It means that spiritually I need to look at what my experiences may have taught me, before I take on anything more.  Learn the lessons I’ve already taken on, without taking on too much that I can’t handle it, and I lose sight of the bigger picture.

So I know in my life, I tend to always want more information, have more at my fingertips and do more with what I already know.

I also know that in many ways, this means I haven’t completely used what I already have, and spiritually it means that I may not have learnt what I need to learn, but I’ve left it unfinished because I’ve seen something new or different that has now piqued my interest.

In all honesty, it is going to take some reflection for me, as I’m usually fairly impatient with wanting to learn more, and learn it quickly.

My Focus for 2012

So the Karma Reading gave me an insight into where I am, and for me, it’s also about knowing what I need to do next.

After putting the Major Arcana back in the deck and shuffling it a fair bit, I asked the question: “what 3 things do I  need to focus on for the next 12 months?”

And these were the cards I drew:

From left to right, I drew The Emperor, The Page of Pentacles – Reversed, and Temperance – Reversed.  Let’s have a look at what these mean for me.

Be The Master Of Your Domain

Having The Emperor come up as the first thing I need to focus on was for me, confirmation of what I thought.  The Emperor is the king of kings, and he got there by discipline.

To me, it means I need to take ownership, make tough calls, and follow through with the decisions I’ve made, with a view to self-mastery and establishing myself as master of what I do.

Don’t Give Up Your Day Job

The Page of Pentacles is news of money, often in the form of a new career.  Reversed, the card means that I need to be grounded, not make impulsive decisions about finance and my career.

To me it’s a call to be patient, apply myself in my career and keep myself financially stable.  No career changes for me, just a need to excel at what I do.

Learn, and Stay Put!

Temperance is a card of teaching and also of travel.  It’s a dynamic card but it’s the mature side of dynamic.  Reversed, it means that travel may be there, but it needs to be well thought out, and with clear purpose, and not done on impulse.  It’s also about keeping behaviour in check, and keeping oneself disciplined, and doing some learning.

After a year of travelling like crazy, this card is very welcomed!  In fact, over this holiday period I’ve been intentional about staying in bed and recuperating.  However this card is more than that – and it’s about keeping my feet planted on the ground, and not travelling for small reasons, or just to pay a small visit to family and friends.

What this card is telling me to do is stay put, focus on building my knowledge, and staying disciplined in what I need to accomplish.

Overall, great guidance for 2012!

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