Meditation to Increase Energy

We all have times when we’re overwhelmed with the negativity around us, or we’re feeling extremely drained. It may have been after a bad day at work, an argument with a loved one, or a bad experience with a customer or client.

This meditation helps to remove the negativity that weighs you down and replace it with positive experiences, that will leave you feeling more energetic and refreshed.

This is a good meditation to dispel the negative emotions and thoughts that you may have towards yourself, other people or the world around you in general.

This is more of a daily exercise that you can involve as part of your meditation to give yourself a stronger experience, or as a separate meditation in and of itself.  

It can be a lightly therapeutic, but is not meant to deal with repressed emotions or to be used as a major form of therapy.

Step 1: Preparation

Turn off your mobile phone, let everyone in the house know that you don’t want to be disturbed, and divert your home phone to voicemail.

Make sure that where you meditate there are no TV’s or radios turned on.  Make sure that your computer is turned off so that you’re not distracted by the light or the sound of your instant messenger or incoming e-mail alerts.

It would help if you had a clean environment, so tidy up and keep it tidy for your future meditations.

You may wish to light a candle, in which case I would suggest that you don’t light incense or any fragrances, as these can be distracting.  A simple tea light would do, but this is completely up to you.

Step 2: Entering the Meditative State

Sit down in a comfortable position of your choice.  On a chair, pillow, on the floor – it doesn’t really matter, just be comfortable.

At this point, you should lightly close your eyes, and relax your body as best as you can.

With every breath out, relax, starting with the top of your head, and progressively relaxing down your body, until the very tips of your toes are completely relaxed.

If you feel the need to visualise to give you a focal point, then I suggest that you visualise yourself rising out of your body and observing yourself meditating, noticing how with every breath, your relaxation is increasing and you’re going deeper into a meditative state.

Step 3: Identification

Start by noticing in your body where you feel the drained, or where you feel weighed down.

If you’re feeling drained, notice the places in your body where the energy is being drained from.

If you are feeling weighed down, then notice the places in your body where the heaviness is.

Find the places in your body, one by one.

For each of the places, notice whether it has a colour, or a shape, or a certain size.  Notice if is still, or moving, fast or slow, sharp or fuzzy.

As you identify these places, you may notice it has sounds.  Confirm to yourself whether these sounds are loud or soft, melodic or discordant, slow or fast, and whether the sounds are internal or external to you.

Notice it and acknowledge the existence of these places, as these are places of negativity.

Now, see all of the places in your body, and change their appearance to that of swirling black smoke, so that they can never be missed by you.

Step 4: Release and Energise

Take a deep breath in for the count of 4 and make sure that your lungs are at capacity, and then breathe out for the count of 4, making sure that you’ve emptied your lungs completely.

With every breath in, imagine that you’re breathing in a pure, clean white light.  See the light going first to the negative places and dissolving the smoke.  On every breath out, forcefully blow out the black smoke, in the same way you blow out candles on a birthday cake.

As the black smoke exits your body, surrender it to the universe, and notice how the universe scatters the smoke to it’s furthest corners.

Notice that the black smoke in the places in your body is getting smaller, and the pure, clean, white light is getting stronger.  Where you were once weighed down, you are now feeling lighter.  Where you were once feeling drained, feel yourself replenished.

Keep breathing in this pure, clean white light, until all the black smoke has gone from your body.

Then, over the course of 5 breaths, fill your whole body with this pure, clean, white light.  Fill your whole body from the top of your head, to the tips of your toes, and down through your finger tips with this refreshing, energising, cleansing white light.

Notice how the pure, clean, white light makes you vibrate with enthusiasm and inspiration, lifting your energy and giving you the strength and passion to share with the world.

Stay with this feeling for as long as you would like to.  Notice a small smile creep to your lips and eyes.

Step 5: Returning to Consciousness

Breathe in again for the count of 4 and ensure your lungs are filled, and breathe out for the count of 4 and make sure you empty your lungs.

Do this 5 times in total, and progressively remove the relaxation and return the movement back to your body.

Return movement, starting with the tips of your toes and rising to the top of your head.

Let your breath return to normal, and count backwards from 5 to 1, knowing that when you open your eyes at the count of 1, they will be shining, bright and alert, filled with the pure, clean, white light.

Sit for while, and then stand up slowly, and stretch.

Return to your day, full of energy.


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