Blown Away By Beautiful Binaural Beats

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When I read the claim that OmLife would “change the way the world meditates”, I don’t think anyone could accuse me of being skeptical.

See, my general reaction after listening to other binaural beats often involves a pained look on my face.  If you read the first part of my article on technology and meditation, you would understand why.  In a nutshell, binaural beats have lacked a sense of “auditory aesthetics” (read: it sounds ugly); so you can imagine my shocked delight after hearing the collection of binaural beats that Mindvalley put together that was quite literally, music to my ears.

Mindvalley attribute the success of this product to Omharmonics: their system that utilises a blend of binaural beats, audible heart beats, breaths and soothing harmonies.

Mindvalley is the digital publisher of spiritual, psychic and personal development material from some amazing authors.  OmLife is the first product actually authored by Mindvalley, and I have to say it is simply amazing.

How amazing?

It was an auditory orgasm that almost left me changing my Facebook status to O M G!

My first reaction after listening to the OmLife Collection was that it was beautiful, simple, relaxing, refreshing and an absolute work of art – and this was just after listening to the 10 minute demo that they offer on their website.

Compared to other binaural beat meditations on the market – OmLife seriously makes them look amateur!

Their complete series consists of 5 sessions, each with a 30 minute and a 15 minute version, so you get a total of 10 sessions in total.

These 5 sessions are:

  • The Awakening – a morning meditation to help you keep a calm and collected mind from the moment you wake up.
  • The Focus – a meditation to help you focus and concentrate, designed to help you be more productive.
  • The Spark – a meditation to inspire creativity and generation new ideas.
  • The Balance – a restful meditation to be used after work, to refresh your mind and body.
  • The Deep Rest – a meditation to listen to at sleep time, to give you a deeper, more restful sleep.

I’m a fairly experienced meditator that took a break; recently I returned to meditation, but it was met with the inability to sit and focus on meditating – my mind was massively distracting me.  OmLife cut through these distractions as easily as a hot knife cuts through cold butter.  No kidding, the distractions just melted away.  It was that quick and easy, and it felt too good to be real!

Even with all my experience, I still got a lot out of OmLife, and I’m pretty sure that beginners especially will get the full benefits of meditation rapidly through OmLife.

Reading the content of the website more in depth, I got the sense that OmLife is the first collection of a whole series of meditations based on Omharmonics; I’m sure that fans of OmLife would welcome any further product releases without hesitation.

The Plus Points

The first and foremost thing that stands out about OmLife is the fact that it is a pleasure to listen to.  Put aside other binaural beats, the layered harmonies make it some of the nicest meditation music I’ve ever heard.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve even noticed the typical pulsating rhythm that is so characteristic of binaural beats.

It’s very well compiled and whilst I know some people were put off by the breath sounds, I couldn’t find any fault with it.  The breath sounds actually helped me to regulate my own breathing, and helped me to relax much faster.

I liked the fact that each track had two variations – a shorter 15 minute one, and a longer 30 minute one.  This was great if you just wanted a rapid refresh, or a longer deeper meditation.

One of the major things with OmLife was that it was extremely easy to use.  You could play it directly from their website or download the sound file to and transfer it to your mp3 player.

Following on from the point about being easy to use, it took next to no effort to enter into the meditative state.  Sometimes I had thoughts that rammed themselves into my head, but to over come that mind noise I just turned my attention to listen to the track, and in a few moments the mind noise wasn’t there.

I like the fact that the tracks covered most of the activities in the day – the one’s I’ve used the most were The Awakening, The Balance and The Deep Rest.  These were the one’s which really made it count for me, and I can vouch for the fact that after listening to The Awakening, I’ve had some of the best mornings, and especially after listening to The Deep Rest I have had some of the most restful sleep I can remember.  In listening to The Balance I have always felt rejuvenated and refreshed, it’s like I’ve had a second lease of energy for the day.

The Minus Points

There aren’t any major negatives that I can think of, however I am still not 100% on the value of OmLife.  It’s USD$149 for the 10 tracks – 5 x 30 min full length tracks and 5 x 15 minute shortened tracks.  I look at the fact that most other binaural beat meditation tracks are not that costly – usually between USD$5 to USD$17.  Having said that it is a unique technology, and it is the only binaural beat meditation that has actually worked for me, and left me satisfied – and when you break it down, it actually does come to $15 a track – even though the 15 minute track is just a shortened version of the 30 minute track.  I know that most meditation CD’s can be bought for about AUD$20-AUD$25 and have up to 12 meditations on a single CD, however they are not usually binaural beat meditations.  Despite it being $149, I don’t have any reservations in recommending OmLife.

The only other minus point is a technical point.   Due to the fact that OmLife uses binaural beats, there is a requirement to listen to it on stereo headphones.  Isochronic tones have a similar if not the same effect, but don’t require stereo headphones – this means you can listen to it on a CD or on your computer, or even on your Xbox (or other game console), and that makes it more portable and more user friendly.  However, this is a seriously minor point, and it really doesn’t diminish the quality of the product – but it is a point to consider for any future releases.

The Verdict

Without a doubt, OmLife is the best product to induce the meditative state that I’ve ever listened to, and it is suitable for meditators at all levels.

Here’s how I rated it:

Value Rating: ★★★½☆
Content Rating: ★★★★½
Effectiveness Rating: ★★★★½
Enjoyment Rating: ★★★★★
Usability Rating: ★★★★★
Overall Rating: ★★★★½

This product comes with my highest recommendation, and you should buy this without hesitating.

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NOTE: While all all links in this article provided are affiliate links, the review is authentic and 100% written by Nikhil Rughani.


  1. Susan says

    It is 3:45 A.M. and I couldn’t sleep so I got up and just put on my headphones and am playing the deep rest 30 minute track. I do love OmLife Omharmonics. I am relaxed and ready to go to sleep. Good night.

    • Nikhil says

      Thanks for the feedback Susan, and I’m glad you got a lot out of OmLife and Omharmonics – do keep us posted on further experiences with Omharmonics, I’d be interested to find out what else you’re able to gain from this.

      Apologies for the delayed response, as I’m not actively managing, I’m currently working on another project and will fill you in on that shortly!

  2. Sue says

    I thought the sample track was very nice but the price of the product is excessive to say the least. Of course you don’t find out the price of the product on the company website unless you provide your email address first and herein lies the biggest problem for me.

    Once you supply your email address, you will get all manner of spam from OM Harmonics. I have contacted the company and they simply denied it the first time when I brought it to their attention. The second time I complained, they simply ignored me. The spam is for totally unrelated products, so not easy to tie it back to them is what they must be thinking.

    I have had to ditch that email address as it was quite annoying and I can assure anybody reading this that the email address had never been used anywhere else.

    Fortunately you can find out the product price on review sites like this one, but be very careful if you do decide to get the sample track. A disposable email address is all you can trust this company with.

    • Nikhil says

      Thanks for the feedback Sue. Mindvalley, the marketing company behind the promotion of OmHarmonics and a number of other meditation products, is quite a relentless promoter however in my experience I’ve found their promotional e-mails never to be unrelated to meditation or personal growth – so I’d be curious to know what type of promotions you received, and rest assured I will certainly forward your feedback to my contact at Mindvalley – I think this is worth them knowing.

      Like everyone else, I don’t like spam, especially if you cannot unsubscribe from it. I unsubscribing from my subscription to their mailing list, and I haven’t had any promotional e-mails from them since, so I’m not sure what may have occurred for you.

      My apologies for the delay in response, I am no longer actively working on as I am focusing on a new project in wellness, natural health and energy. I’ll certainly be posting updates to the blog once I have gone live.

  3. XavierOnassis says

    I’m glad to find your comments.
    I agree that the music makes very pleasant listening, this was the biggest surprise for me. being familiar with binaural beats and having made my own a while back.
    Only been listening a few days, mainly the deep rest and awakening tracks.
    Woke this morning having remembered three dreams in a lot of detail and fragments of a fourth.
    I can’t say for sure that this is a result of the audio tracks but I can say that I usually remember bits of a single dream once in 6 months at most so it has me wondering and feeling like this really has some promise… finally.

    In searching the OmLife web pages I see absolutely no mention of using headphones, and I knew that this was crucial in order to get the effect of the beats. Did I miss it or is it missing from the company’s literature?

    • Nikhil says

      I have seen somewhere that the there is a need for stereo headphones, however mention was also made that “The Balance” meditation can be listened to as background music without any headphones.

      For any binaural track, the full impact can only be realised with stereo headphones, as that’s how their designed to work.

      Thanks for the feedback XavierOnassis – I’m not currently focused on any more, so I apologise for my delayed response. I do have another project in the works at the moment focusing on wellbeing, natural health and energy – I’ll ensure that I update the blog once the project goes live!

  4. says

    I just started meditating with OmHarmonics Demo and felt great after a few wks. When I didn’t use it for a few days I could definitely feel the difference in my serenity, calmness, and anxiety. I think I was very lucky by finding them online by no coincidence. It was meant to be! Beautiful music for all walks of life that you may be dealing with.
    Thank you OmHarmonics!

    • Nikhil says

      Thanks very much for the feedback Van, I have to echo your sentiment in that I experienced very similar things to what you have described. Combining multiple trance-inducing technologies has a magical effect, and when I have stopped using it, the impact is noticeable!

      Keep us in the know of what else you’re able to gain from using OmHarmonics, I’d love to know of any other benefits you may come across.

  5. varadan says

    Please clarify
    Is it a must to have the Head phones
    Any specific methods to follow during Meditation .In the sense listening to the tracks at any specified time , etc
    Few Tips for the beginners to take 100% and share with others
    A prompt response awaited

    • says

      Thanks for your question varadan. As you are listening to binaural beats, headphones are essential.

      The technology works by playing a different frequency in each ear, and your mind will find the intersection between the two frequencies which is often the alpha wave, thereby causing the mind to relax rapidly.

      Without headphones or earbuds, you wouldn’t experience the same result. If you don’t have earbuds, I recommend listening to isochronic tones.

      Regarding when to listen to meditation tracks – look at the result you’re trying to achieve. If you’re after a deep sleep and want to waken refreshed, then listening to it before sleep is a good idea.

      If you’re after a focused and calm start to the day, then listening to these tracks first thing in the morning is recommended.

      If you’re after a boost or a lift in the middle of the day, then listening to these tracks when you need will give you physical and mental rest and recuperation rapidly so that when you come out of the meditation, you’ll be energised and refocused.

      Please let me know if you have any more questions and I’ll be happy to help out.


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