Science Meets Nature To Entrain The Brain

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Entrainment is a concept that is about synchronising brainwaves to a corresponding frequency.  It means that by listening to certain sound frequencies, your brain will replicate the frequency, and this is what binaural beats and isochronic tones actually so.

Entrainment Earth: Advanced Meditation Made Easy takes the clinical sounds of binaural beats and isochronic tones, and melds them with the natural overtones of rain and a forest.

Entrainment Earth offers 17 tracks to entrain the brain into different levels of consciousness.  The breakdown of the tracks are as follows:

Binaural Earth (Binaural Beats)

  • Alpha Wave Entrainment 1 (Forest) & 2 (Rain)
  • Delta Wave Entrainment 1 (Rain) & 2 (Ocean)
  • Theta Wave Entrainment 1 (Rain) & 2 (Ocean)

Entrainment Elements (Isochronic Tones)

  • Alpha Earth 1 (Forest) & 2 (Rain)
  • Delta Earth 1 (Rain) & 2 (Ocean)
  • Theta Earth 1 (Rain) & 2 (Ocean)

Straight Tones

  • Binaural Alpha
  • Binaural Delta
  • Binaural Theta

Let Go

  • Isochronic
  • Binaural

All of the tracks are 20 minutes in length with the exception of the “Let Go” tracks, which are 1 hour each.  The tracks in the “Binaural Earth” pack are replicated in “Entrainment Elements”, but the binaural beats are substituted with isochronic tones instead.

There is also a user manual that comes with this, outlining where to find MP3 audio playing software players from to how to burn your tracks onto a disc.

Interestingly, it also comes with a 4 month meditation schedule, on how to get the best results from the meditations, by starting with the alpha tracks in the first month, and progressing to the delta tracks in the second month, and the theta tracks in the third month.  The fourth month is open for you to listen to any tracks that you wish, and there is a recommendation to listen to the “Let Go” tracks to enhance the results of the entrainment.

There is also a best practices section, which covers meditation from basics, on where to sit, how long to meditate for, and a simple explanation on the benefits of meditation.

My overall impression is that Entrainment Earth is a good product that does well to disguise the sounds of the binaural beats and isochronic tones, which I find unpleasant in it’s raw forms.  The fact that it uses the natural sounds of forests, rain and the ocean make it pleasant to listen to, almost giving it a new-age feel, but without going over the top.

The Plus Points

Entrainment Earth offers a good range of tracks to listen to without leaving someone lost in choice.  The options to go either binaural or isochronic I think is great, especially without having to pay extra to get the alternatives.

This is also the best value I have ever seen when it comes to any meditation tracks – ringing in at just USD$9.95 for the 17 tracks and the manual, you’d be crazy not to take up this offer!

For the price you pay, you wouldn’t be accused of being sceptical of the quality.  The best thing about Entrainment Earth is that these aren’t just scratchy sounds that are put together – the quality and quantity of these tracks are worth a lot more than what you pay!

I like the fact that these come with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – even for a relatively small spend, the element of risk is removed – impressive!

The Minus Points

OK, so Entrainment Earth is a product that is less than $10, and anything I say that is critical, will have my own mind retort with “hey, it’s $10 – how much more do you expect?”  So let me assess this without considering the cost of the product.

What did disappoint me was the fact that no explanation of brainwave frequencies were given.  For beginners or those unfamiliar with meditation, mind hacks or neurology, there is no insight into what happens at the alpha, delta or theta frequencies, so conversely there is really no way to know under what circumstances each track should be used.

While Entrainment Earth is a good product, the product presentation was not very appealing.  The nice covers that were shown on the website were not provided upon receiving the actual product – this is minor, but presentation adds to the appeal of the product, makes it look good when you’re playing it on iTunes or on your iPod, or other music player – it adds to the experience.

Entrainment Earth has a good range, but lacks variety within that range.  With only forest, rain and ocean sounds, I for one, would have liked to hear more “earthy” soundscapes – rivers, thunder, fires, chirping crickets – just to really take it to the next level of experience, and to differentiate each track for the different effect that it has. Rather than 3 sounds, they could have easily had 6 sounds – 2 for each frequency – which is what they attempted to do, but didn’t quite get there.

The Verdict

Entrainment Earth is a good no-nonsense product that does the job, and unfortunately probably won’t get the level of attention it deserves, due to the lack of marketing.

Here’s how I rated it:

Value Rating: ★★★★★
Content Rating: ★★★★★
Effectiveness Rating: ★★★☆☆
Enjoyment Rating: ★★★☆☆
Usability Rating: ★★★★☆
Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

For those who are on a limited budget, you can’t go past this for good value.  It won’t break the bank, and it will still do the job for you.

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