Meditation to Connect Spiritually

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A version of this is a meditation was taught to me by a mentor when I was developing intuitively and spiritually.  It’s a great meditation to do even once a week to reconnect to the source of your energy.

I’ve been fairly generic by using the term “universe”, however feel free to substitute this with your deity, creator or divine figurehead.

This is a perfect Sunday meditation to refresh, reconnect, allowing you to set the week ahead with a spiritual mindset – what a great start to the week!

Step 1: Preparation

Turn off your mobile phone, let everyone in the house know that you don’t want to be disturbed, and divert your home phone to voicemail.

Make sure that where you meditate there are no TV’s or radios turned on.  Make sure that your computer is turned off so that you’re not distracted by the light or the sound of your instant messenger or incoming e-mail alerts.

It would help if you had a clean environment, so tidy up and keep it tidy for your future meditations.

You may wish to light a candle, in which case I would suggest that you don’t light incense or any fragrances, as these can be distracting.  A simple tea light would do, but this is completely up to you.

Sztep 2: Entering the Meditative State

Sit down in a comfortable position of your choice.  On a chair, pillow, on the floor – it doesn’t really matter, just be comfortable.

At this point, you should lightly close your eyes, and relax your body as best as you can.

Take a deep breath in for the count of 2 and make sure that your lungs are at capacity, and then breathe out for the count of 2, making sure that you’ve emptied your lungs completely.  This counts as one breath.

With every breath, feel your body progressively relaxing further, starting with your head, then your neck and shoulders, your arms all the way down to your finger tips, your chest, solar plexus and back, your thighs, knees, shins, ankles, feet and through the tips of your toes.

If you feel the need to visualise to give you a focal point, then I suggest that you visualise yourself rising out of your body and observing yourself meditating, noticing how with every breath, your relaxation is increasing and you’re going deeper into a meditative state.

Step 3: Establish the Connection

If you were visualising yourself relaxing, return to your body.  Focus your attention to your third eye chakra – the central point in your forehead between your two eyebrows, but slightly higher.

Look out from your third eye chakra and see your body as an empty shell, no skin, no bones or muscles, no organs, but just the outline of your body, a shell.

Now repeat to yourself three times:

“send me the light of love, peace, wisdom and the infinite perfection of the universe”.

Now see a bright light descending from the sky at a comfortable speed to you, and coming towards the top of your head.

As it gently touches the top of your head, feel the warm, tingling sensation of the light as it sits there, until you allow it to enter you.

At a time which is comfortable for you, let the light enter your body, and travel down your spine.  When it reaches the bottom of your spine, let your body fill with light, from your toes up, as if light was being poured into you, the same way you pour water into a glass.

As the light fills your body, spread that warm, tingling sensation of the light to every part of your body.

Feel the light fill from your toes, up your ankles, shins, up your thighs, filling your hips, up your stomach and chest, down your shoulders and arms to the tips of your fingers, then up your neck, past your jaws and cheeks and finally filling your head.

Let the light keep filling you up, getting that little bit brighter with every breath you take.  Feel the love, the peace, the wisdom and the infinite perfection of the universe flow through you.

Step 4: Expanding the Light

When the light is bright enough to your satisfaction, push it out beyond your physical body, so that it surrounds you in an egg-like shape, extending about 1 metre around you.  Feel yourself bathed in the light as it envelopes you and notice how you can now sense the surroundings beyond your body.

Now, focus attention on the middle of your chest, near your heart area.  This is the heart chakra.  Look out through your heart chakra, and look for those people that are near and dear to you.  Your friends, your family, your pets – all of your loved ones.

Each individual being that you focus on, send out a ray of light to them originating from your heart chakra.

Let them be touched by your light, surrounding them with the universal light of love, peace, wisdom and infinite perfection.

Step 5: Returning to Consciousness

When you are ready, send gratitude to the universe for providing you with the light, and request it to stop for now.  Explain that you will ask for the light again, but for now this is plenty.

Breathe in again for the count of 2 and ensure your lungs are filled, and breathe out for the count of 2 and make sure you empty your lungs.

Do this 5 times in total, and progressively remove the relaxation and return the movement back to your body.

Return movement, starting with the tips of your toes and rising to the top of your head.

Let your breath return to normal, and count backwards from 5 to 1, and when you open your eyes at the count of 1, you will still be carrying the light of love, peace, wisdom and infinite perfection of the universe, inside of you.

Sit for while, and then stand up slowly, and stretch.

Return to your day, peaceful and connected.

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