Soul Searching

There comes a point in your life when you have to assess what it is that’s important to you. This is the reason I’ve taken the obvious break from writing articles for This wasn’t really planned and like most things in life you can plan to the smallest detail… and then something comes along that will disrupt those plans… and that’s what’s happened with me.

Recently I’ve had a number of things happen which have caused me to think more about how I dedicate my time and where I’ll be dedicating my time to. It wasn’t anything life threatening or dramatic, or anything dangerous.

It boils down to this: I’m spending a couple of hours a day writing articles of over 1000 words, on a daily basis, and this is impacting two things that really had me stop and reflect.

One of the reasons I’ve been doing blogging and writing these articles at everything meditation is so that I can focus on doing more of what I enjoy which is writing and in particular that writing about spirituality, wellness, health, and personal development, what I have found however is that because I’m writing very very long articles almost over 1000 words I’m spending at least a couple of hours a night writing these articles.

Challenge #1

Now look I’m passionate about writing and I’ve got the support of my wife – but the first problem is that I’m missing out on spending time with my wife and with my young daughter, I’m missing out on on spending that time with them.

You know there’s nothing more important I guess for me than to be able to sit down and spent some good quality time with my family – and on average when I’m spending two hours a night after coming home from a day job writing articles I’m not getting to spend that time with my beautiful family.

Now as said my wife has supported me but deep inside I know she wants to spend that time with me.  I’ve got a two-and-a-half year old daughter Saanvi and to see what she’s accomplished so far is just a miracle for me in itself.

Challenge #2

So here I am writing lengthy articles, barely getting enough time to spend with my family – and the second problem is staring me in the face: I’m not meditating.

So I’m grappling with the fact that I’m writing about meditation techniques, I’m reviewing some amazing products, giving some solid advice – and I’m not meditating myself.  First and foremost, I’m questioning my own right in being able to write about meditation and share my experiences – when I’m meditating about once a month at best.

That would be like writing about creating wealth and being dirt broke – or writing about healthy living when you’re obese.  It’s frankly hypocritical, that’s how I’d view it if someone else was doing it, and here I am doing it myself.

What to do?

I’ve been thinking things over, and I was faced with a few of choices: keep writing away and keep missing out on life with my family, and not meditate myself – quit blogging completely – or do things differently.

Let me explain to you that I want things to change – I do want to spend more time with my family, and I do want to get back to meditating consistently.

I also do want to keep writing, I really enjoy it, and I personally think I write pretty well.  If I quit blogging, I know my wife wouldn’t be too happy about that I wouldn’t be too happy about that and when a couple is not happy – it’s not a good way to bring up my daughter that way.

That’s really where I am.  That’s really what’s happening – that’s really whats so and what’s not.

After much thought and soul searching, I’m going to be taking the effort to do things differently, and what I’ve decided is this:

I’m going to make use of technology to help me achieve what I want with my blogs.

What Does That Mean?

While I’m into the spiritual, psychic metaphysical side of things I’m also very very inspired by technology – I like my toys like most boys do!

So in liking my toys I thought I might as well make use of them.  So moving forward my blogs will be published via a transcribed format – I’m actually speaking this particular article out and then I’m having it transcribed – and then reviewing it and brushing it up.

So it’s really easy to me to pump out articles and as it’s easier to speak 1000 words that it is to type 1000 words, and I think it’s just a matter of a few minutes to speak 1000 words as opposed to typing which can take a couple of hours.

So if I can get a blog article completed in half an hour’s time I’m more inclined to do that than spend two hours writing a blog.  That means I can spend more time with my family – more time, my beautiful daughter and my wonderful wife, and actually spend time meditating.

And that’s really what I want – and I will be writing – I do want to share my knowledge and experiences with the world as well, because I feel I’ve got a lot to contribute.

The fact that I can produce good quality content for the blog, practice what I preach by actually meditating, and spend some time with my wife my child and at the same time –  I’m geting the best of everything and I believe I can deliver a win-win situation.

So let’s give this a go and I’ll keep you up-to-date with how it’s all going with me.


  1. Gretchen Bucher says

    It was wonderful to sit and speak with you about meditation and hypnotherapy last night. Thank you. You are inspirational and your advise has already begun to positively change my reality.

    • says

      Thanks for connecting with me Gretchen, it was good to meet with you, and I’m very happy to hear of the positive impact in your life. Receiving this feedback is great to hear, and know that the work I do is appreciated and having the desired effect.

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