Timeline Part 3

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Endings and Beginnings.

A week after starting my job, I was introduced to my future wife – Shreeti.  I kind of knew that she was the one… my spirit guides communicated it to me very clearly.  However, although we got along well, things didn’t progress quickly…

In May, a few weeks we met, my grandmother passed away.  For me this was quite a significant event, as my grandmother was a very significant part of my life.  Emotionally, I was not prepared for this, and even to this day I have a very strong attachment to all things related to my grandmother.

The legacy my grandmother left behind is visible in the bond that our extended family has, the closeness and the confidence we have in each other.  In death, as in life, my grandmother bought the family together – in the space of a week, three generations of her family from around the world came to spend her last days with her, and farewell her at her funeral.

Her warmth is something that has touched the lives of numerous people, and this gentle person was also one of the most influential people I knew – and it was all because of the love she had for everyone that crossed her path.

It wasn’t easy for me, but I did pick myself up.  In August that year, Shreeti and I decided to get married, and in early September, we announced our engagement.  A slight twist to the story was that Shreeti had only a month before our decision, made arrangements to take a study-trip to Canada for 8 months, however we had started arrangements to get married in August the following year in a traditional Hindu wedding in India, but we would have our marriage solemnised and registered in Sydney, in May before we head off to India.

And so preparations were underway, and it felt like an eternity before I saw Shreeti again in Sydney.

In May, 2004 we signed our marriage certificates in a small ceremony at our family home in Sydney, with our friends and family to celebrate with us.  I have to say I was fortunate to have my grandfather present at the ceremony, and to see the pride on his face was something that was touching.

We also had a big wedding in India to prepare for in August, and it was not that far away, so we were back in preparation mode.  In early August, my parents went to India to prepare, and 10 days before I was due to leave, my grandfather quite suddenly passed away.

Again, I wasn’t emotionally prepared for this… I don’t think many people are prepared for deaths in the family.  I had to arrange my grandfather’s funeral, call my parents back to Australia and then prepare to leave for my own wedding.  The fact that my sister Janaki was with me was a great comfort, because it gave me a lot of strength to keep moving forward.

I was hoping to meet my parents in India to celebrate our wedding, so picking them up at the airport in this circumstance was quite unusual.  If anything, I really feel for my father, who lost both his parents in a year.

The day after my grandfather’s funeral, Janaki and I left to go to India, and meet my bride.  We all agreed that going ahead with the marriage was something my grandfather would have wanted, which is the reason we didn’t make any changes.  However as a mark of respect for my grandfather, we cancelled the reception we were due to have.

I think the only time I got emotional was under the canopy when I saw the pictures of my grandparents, I realised that they weren’t here physically to celebrate with me.  Before I could shed any tears, Janaki pointed out that my beautiful bride was arriving, and so we got married in 5 days of celebrations.  It was quite a wedding, but with 5 days of celebrating, one is bound to get tired… which we were, very much.

We had our honeymoon in Vanuatu, a beautiful South Pacific nation.  I tell a lot of people that we spent our whole honeymoon in bed… and when I see the look on their faces, I add on that we were both sick for the duration of our honeymoon… which really sucked, but I think the exhaustion of the wedding and my grandfather’s passing had caught up with us both.

Married Life.

You know, when I got married it seemed as if my priorities changed.  All of a sudden it wasn’t about myself anymore, but rather about us and our goals and what we wanted for our lives together.

For me, it was the concept of financial independence, and for Shreeti, it was education.

In line with our ideas, Shreeti started university and I resigned from my political job and decided that I would need to learn some more skills, like sales and marketing to help me on my path to financial independence.

It was also around this time that I decided to step away from my psychic studies – it was partly because I was careless with my own skills, without a doubt I was good – but I was reckless and most of the harm was actually done to myself.  So I decided that I’d give things a break for a while.

I took a job with an IT recruitment company so that I could learn the art of selling.  Coming from a government job into a fast paced sales environment was one massive change, but I persisted and kept at it.

Growth And Movement.

About 18 months into the job, one of the company directors asked me to shift to the Canberra office for 12 months to help grow their business there.  While Canberra wasn’t my first choice, I took the opportunity as it was also a sort of step up in my career.

Canberra was a beautiful city, and we had an amazing apartment that we lived in, backing onto the 12th tee of a golf course.  It was a quieter life, and we enjoyed the conveniences of the small organised city, and I have to say that the dining out was amazing.  The people however were fairly backwards – they were rednecks trying to be big city folk.  Not a good mixture, and we realised that for the long term, we wouldn’t want to stay there.

During the time, I contributed to the growth of the office, and almost burnt myself out in the process.  We took a 2 week trip to Africa at the end of 2007 and decided that we needed to return to Sydney for two reasons.  I was ready to try my hand at starting a business, and we felt that Sydney had better prospects for us in terms of growth.

In April 2008, we made the move back to Sydney and I took a small contract with an IT education company whilst I took an opportunity to get myself published in a multi-author book.  That gave me the confidence to jump into working my own business, and Shreeti told me to make the move full time into starting my own personal development coaching company, as that was something I was interested in doing.

I had some money saved up to put towards getting my business going – but as nobody in my family had experience in running a business, in many ways I was left to my own devices to figure out my business structure, marketing plan and sales model.

I took on a business training program and also took on a business coach, and also got the opportunity to be published in another book.

I’m not sure if it was my inexperience or because the GFC had just hit, but things didn’t work out so well.

It was around that time that I had started my training in NLP and hypnosis – both for my own personal development but also to help me structure and create personal development courses.

In December, 2008 we found out that we were pregnant, and I was both excited and nervous – mainly because I wasn’t bringing in enough cashflow to sustain a family, and in January 2009, Shreeti had also finished her contract, and was having a hard time working full time due to the pregnancy, and so I had to take a part time job while I was still building my business.

Things were getting tough, and my business was not doing too well.  I was lucky to be offered a training contract a month before our baby was born.

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