Timeline Part 4

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And Then There Were Three.

One of the proudest moments I’ve ever had was delivering and holding my beautiful baby girl – Saanvi – when she was born.  In Hindu  culture, they say that the birth of a daughter is the manifestation of Lakshmi – the goddess of prosperity.  Undoubtedly my life has changed since my daughter’s birth.

All of a sudden, I was a father – wow!  We had held off on having children as Shreeti wanted to finish her education, but this was still going to be a while, and life was passing us by.  Now, I was holding my little girl in my arms, and whether you call it coincidence or karma, Saanvi’s first action was to reach up towards the necklace I was wearing – it was the same necklace that my grandmother had given me upon her deathbed.  As my mum said – “your grandma has come back to be with you”.  Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know – but the love that Saanvi and I share is something unique, like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

So with my daughter in my arms, like any father, I wanted to give her the world.

The addition of Saanvi to the family added a new dynamic.  At that time we were living with my parents and Janaki, so there were actually now six of us.  Two fathers, two mothers and two daughters… kinda cool…

The flexibility of the contract I was working meant that I could give my hand at business again, but this time I was fairly cautious.  I went with something I knew and did a bit of recruitment work for some small businesses, and while it bought in the money, my heart really wasn’t in it.

I was still into the personal development side of things, but as time went on, I was losing faith in the possibility of running a personal development training company whilst the economy was in recession.

Back To My Roots.

I met with another mentor of mine, whom I had been out of touch with for a year.  In our conversation he went back to basics and asked me to identify my passions – and it was in actual fact spirituality and the esoteric side of things.  He asked me to delve into the 6000 year Hindu spiritual tradition, and see what teachings could be applied to the contemporary times.

It was interesting that I had as part of my heritage, the oldest personal development methodology out there, it was just that I was so close to it, I didn’t see the unique teachings I could offer the world.

He invited me to a workshop he was running, where I had the opportunity to sit in the “hot seat”, and explain my ideas and see how they could be turned into a commercial venture.

One idea that stuck out was that I should apply for government grants to help with community identity and development.  This was an interesting idea and it made sense, but after a few days, I was stuck for a starting point, and I turned to Google to see where I was at.

I should mention that at this time, I was asked by the World Hindu Council’s Australian Chapter to be their youth officer, and to spearhead the establishment of a youth group, after I had organised a successul public youth forum based on the Hindu identity.  I never saw myself as a religious nut, but rather the voice of challenge and dissent, a person who stood up againt the status quo.  Apparently, that’s what they wanted.

As it turned out, this opportunity allowed me to be invited as a speaker at the Parliament of World Religions pre-conference youth panel, which was quite an honour.

From all of this, what did occur to me was that all the ideas and skill in the world counted for nothing, if I reveal myself to the world and acquire customers, and this is a fundamental skill called marketing.  It’s also why most business ideas in the world don’t really go far.

So now, how to market spirituality, Hindu Dharma and the esoteric arts?  How can I tap into these government grants?  The challenge was there, but I think I was getting a bit over the challenges, and I thought that I should have a look at doing something I enjoyed and was good at, and see if I could use that as point of leverage.

My Personal Renaissance.

In February 2010, Shreeti, Saanvi and I took a trip up to the Gold Coast.  It was the first holiday I had taken in a long while, and it wasn’t really a holiday as I had to work remotely – it was just a change of scenery.  During this time, I realised that my work had gotten the best of me, and I had missed out on 6 months of my daughters life.  While my intentions to create a business may have been good, the results didn’t show any good.  I don’t think my daughter recognised me, and that hurt quite a lot.

Upon returning, I continued my training contract but stopped any thought of creating a business.  With my spare time, I spent it with the family and I also decided to do some more community work, and decided to build this youth group that I had been given the responsibility to start.  That took my mind off wanting to start a business or anything money related – I had some cashflow, and that would be enough for us all, for the moment.

In April 2010 we held a youth conference where I was invited to be the keynote speaker, and I threw out a challenge for people to take care of themselves, their community and the wider Australian society.  I must have hit a mark somewhere there, because there were a lot of people that really took to what I said, and we decided to organise a second conference.

The community work took the seriousness and intensity out of the life I had created for myself, it gave me a chance to give without any expectation of return, and that actually felt really awesome, and that meant I was a little bit more relaxed and present with my family.

We had an upcoming trip to the USA for my cousin’s wedding so life was starting to look good again.  It would be great to take a holiday and visit family again.

During this time, my training contract started taking new responsibilities, including product development and copywriting, because the customers were drying up for my client. A week before the USA trip, my contract was terminated due to my client deciding to close down this wing of his business.

I guess the trip took my mind off things, and allowed me to relax and enjoy the time with my family.  When we returned, I decided to take a course in copywriting – I enjoyed writing, in fact I really loved it, and this would be a great self-expression, and I could turn it into a fantastic career, as I needed a bit of a career rebuild at this point.

Finances were a little tight, but Saanvi’s first birthday was coming up, so I had taken up a part time job whilst I had put out my feelers for any copywriting jobs that I could do.

I landed a couple of copywriting jobs which was good for a bit of cashflow, but the biggest shift happened when I landed a job… in Brisbane… 1000km away from Sydney…!

I remember this pretty clearly:  It was a Tuesday afternoon when I went in to sign the contract, for a job that started the following Monday in Brisbane!

On Wednesday, we completed our packing, and on Thursday afternoon Shreeti, Saanvi and myself took a fully packed SUV, with our two goldfish and hit the road, bidding Sydney, our family and our friends a very quick goodbye.

We arrived in Brisbane, and stayed at a holiday apartment for 3 weeks, before shifting to this dingy 1 bedroom flat with no furniture or luxuries.  After 6 months, we decided we’d stay here longer, so we moved into a townhouse and had a removalist bring up our furniture from Sydney.

The copywriting contracts came to an end, and I had to focus on my job, so I decided not to take on any more contracts until we were a little more stable.  At this time I took a sidewards step into Account Management, which gave me the chance to use my people skills, my knowledge of marketing and technology, as I was working for a digital advertising company.

It was around this time, that I felt a strong urge to return back to my esoteric studies, and for the first time since 2005, I bought myself a new pack of tarot cards.

In September 2011, I was getting a bit restless, and wanted to do more with myself.  With my passion for writing, spirituality, psychic stuff and personal development, I decided to start a blog.  Primarily as a hobby, but I would look to see if I could turn it into an online magazine, and see if I could make it a viable business.

So I started EverythingMeditation.com – a blog website where I could share my knowledge and insights, but also where I could share my new findings from my research and my personal journey along the esoteric path.

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