21 Traits of The Unconscious Mind (Part 2)

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In part 1 of this article, I covered the first 10 prime directives of the unconscious mind.  This defines what the unconscious mind is and how it works. Here are the remaining 11 prime directives of the unconscious mind: 11. Enjoys serving, needs clear orders to follow The unconscious mind is like a younger sibling, or… [Click to continue]

21 Traits of The Unconscious Mind (Part 1)

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This month I’m going to be covering the unconscious mind and meditations twin sister hypnosis.  Both meditation and hypnosis give you direct access to your unconscious mind, the difference between the two?  Fundamentally, I don’t think that there is much difference, if any at all – self-hypnosis and meditation I believe are exactly the same… [Click to continue]

Meditation to Connect Spiritually

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A version of this is a meditation was taught to me by a mentor when I was developing intuitively and spiritually.  It’s a great meditation to do even once a week to reconnect to the source of your energy. I’ve been fairly generic by using the term “universe”, however feel free to substitute this with… [Click to continue]

Time To Meditate

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In my previous article on the two biggest obstacles to meditation, I mentioned that energy and time were actually the biggest challenges that anyone and everyone faces when it comes to meditating. To give you an indication of how I’m going, I’ve been very conscious about my energy, and having recently received an Xbox 360… [Click to continue]

Guided Meditation to Increase Energy


This guided meditation is a relaxation exercise and helps you to increase your energy by removing negativity and replacing it with positivity. This is based upon the technique I posted yesterday: “Meditation to Increase Energy”. I’ve recorded this technique in a guided meditation for those of you who would like to be guided into increasing… [Click to continue]

Energetics Unveiled: Learn What Over 75% of People Will Never Know (Part 2)

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So in Part 1 I explained how energy is the basics of everything, and how both religion and spirituality work. In this part, I’m going to be covering the subjects of psychic development, intuition and high magic, and the relationship with energy. As a bit of a bonus, I’ll discuss a bit about science and it’s… [Click to continue]

Energetics Unveiled: Learn What Over 75% of People Will Never Know (Part 1)

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Energy is the basis for everything.  The ancients knew it – quantum physicists know it.  It goes by many names – energy, prana, chi, ki, mana… every spiritual and religious tradition around the world has a name for it. It’s important to understand that energy is what at the basis of everything.  For a long… [Click to continue]