Meditation to Connect Spiritually

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A version of this is a meditation was taught to me by a mentor when I was developing intuitively and spiritually.  It’s a great meditation to do even once a week to reconnect to the source of your energy. I’ve been fairly generic by using the term “universe”, however feel free to substitute this with… [Click to continue]

The Meditative State

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If you like details and are technically minded, you’ll especially love this. First and foremost, I should explain what meditation is, and this is not some dictionary definition but rather built upon what I know and have experienced. Meditation is really the practice of entering the meditative state and then some people may wish to… [Click to continue]

A Look Into The Future: What 2012 Has In Store

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So I’ve taken a bit of a leave of absence with the end of 2011 approaching quickly, and my work and family commitments increasing.  However I haven’t forgotten about writing articles, and have gone into planning mode, and have been looking at what interesting posts I can write for 2012. Here’s what I’ve come up… [Click to continue]

4 Spiritual Principles That We Can All Live By

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Earlier today, I received an e-mail from my father with an attachment in it titled “The 4 Principles of Spirituality”. Normally I don’t really open forwards, but being a bit of a spiritual buff, I thought “what the heck, let’s see what it’s got to say” – and boy was I surprised. To put things… [Click to continue]

My Weekly Tarot Reading – Chakra Analysis

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This week I wanted to do something different and look into what was happening at various levels of my life.  I’ve always been fairly interested in my chakras and whether there are blockages, so I think that a chakra reading is the right way to go. The question I asked myself was: “What is happening… [Click to continue]

Energetics Unveiled: Learn What Over 75% of People Will Never Know (Part 1)

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Energy is the basis for everything.  The ancients knew it – quantum physicists know it.  It goes by many names – energy, prana, chi, ki, mana… every spiritual and religious tradition around the world has a name for it. It’s important to understand that energy is what at the basis of everything.  For a long… [Click to continue]