21 Traits of The Unconscious Mind (Part 2)

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In part 1 of this article, I covered the first 10 prime directives of the unconscious mind.  This defines what the unconscious mind is and how it works. Here are the remaining 11 prime directives of the unconscious mind: 11. Enjoys serving, needs clear orders to follow The unconscious mind is like a younger sibling, or… [Click to continue]

21 Traits of The Unconscious Mind (Part 1)

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This month I’m going to be covering the unconscious mind and meditations twin sister hypnosis.  Both meditation and hypnosis give you direct access to your unconscious mind, the difference between the two?  Fundamentally, I don’t think that there is much difference, if any at all – self-hypnosis and meditation I believe are exactly the same… [Click to continue]

The Meditative State

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If you like details and are technically minded, you’ll especially love this. First and foremost, I should explain what meditation is, and this is not some dictionary definition but rather built upon what I know and have experienced. Meditation is really the practice of entering the meditative state and then some people may wish to… [Click to continue]